Turn, turn, turn..

Life turns and everything changes. We've heard it so many times before, a slight change, the smallest body shift, a deeper breath perhaps, a head’s turn let the eye catch a feather falling in the air, a body movement, and our new perception will change the perspective, and suddenly light falls at different things, things clear, things you never saw coming. Things and prophecies. Promises you may have been given, but never really trusted.

Made manifest trust comes, faith is evident and you let go and surrender. Smilingly. Happily.

Tickled by the charms of the Universe that you were just granted.

A roadblock clears, and left surprised that NOW is finally the time to get moving, before you expected, it may shake you. Gently, positively out of your comfort zone. Act. Engage.

Doors open, you find your calling, the home appears, three busses arrive after ditching you for hours, you change directions at last and it makes you happy. You belong, you have purpose, you are free, you are soul in motion.

Something you heard a-three-time-in-a-row, finds a place within and suddenly you believe in the magic of threes and will never forget to be aware of it again.

The weave manifests in the physical right there before your physical eyes. A poem comes to mind, ‘Ah then, what if..’ you hold that flower in your hand, it unfolds and shimmers, and life is so beautiful, you promise to never forget how again, but you will, you will lose faith again, be upset and impatient again, but the dance of this magical Cosmos that loves you so continues.. This is The Dance of Life.

Everything breathes together, all the time, it weaves and lives, it shines and astonishes. It never fails us, this fabric of lOve that surrounds us. We its co-creators are tiny magical beings, dancers in the gigantic scheme of things.

I have been kissed this morning by fortune. And now I must go. The Earth awaits my feet, my song, my love, and I my Tree's heart-to-heart conversation. This is the beginning of the Fall. Peace and rest and settling. I have been kissed. Happy Equinox. Everything dances...