New Moon Earthing

The promise of a homecoming. The grass is so green, so soft and dry. I kick off the shoes. The Earth sends her heartbeat towards mine, in an exchanging pulse of muffled soundless deep pounds, the vibration fills my body and I let go as she breathes me in. Grounding complete. More than healing, she takes away something that's too much and gives instead a calm. A notion of her origin. The most soothing balm. The Thunder-Heart stabilizes. The violent outbursts of raw emotions rushing through the aching body, I can't contain. Peace. I am asking for help. And the words from a song comes alive from somewhere in my crooked, crazy all-remembering brain: 'I weave for you The marvelous web Glow in the dark threads All neon like The cocoon surrounds you Embraced all so you can sleep Foetus style And they will assist us Cause we're asking for help And the luminous beam it feeds you The soft distortion fills you up Nourish your turtle heart Don't get angry with yourself I'll heal you Don't get angry with yourself Don't get angry with yourself Luminous I'll heal you...' The home coming How I wish I could stay here. Be at home here. Hugging Earth. Embrace-exchange. I send another prayer. September New Moon carried a present. This land has been blessed. I, too, blessed this land. It worked. I am reminded of my own force. My strength and source connection. Knowing how to extract power from the depths of the soul. I am in my power. I am already home. Now, the translation to make manifest the resonating walls to surround me, embrace me and keep me in is in progress. A place of power. Home.