Healing prayers

The deep lOve flowing through me.

It leaves a trail inside where it touches, makes the shine brighter, stronger, clearer. It shimmers and glows. The Air is calmer and lOve pours from that place inside that resonates and vibrates with the heartbeat pounding from that place that has no place, but is everywhere, as I realize I can never give anything back to quite match the liquidity of that gold coming my way. Flowing abundantly from a Multiverse, a cOsmos, a gOd, that lOves me infinitely, and has placed, perhaps because I asked for them, those Angels in my life, cleverly disguised as friends in all shapes and forms, loving me unconditionally.

But the sensation of knowing this, reminds me to be grateful for how truly blessed I am.

There are gifts granted to you in this life. Just take them and be glad. Joy is the sweetness of the universe. It's our natural state. It will spark that stuff in you that you weave from. Like a Spider's silk. The gratitude echoes and touches and wakes those close to you; whom you give to, unconditionally, lovingly- and thus it creates that web of love. Bigger and bigger. That's the magic of unconditional lOve.

I recognize the same circle of lOve, coming through this sacred piece of common land I pass through every day and has become my healing portal from work to home.

I find it ironic the politicians of the city cannot agree what to do with it. To build more houses or to leave the wilderness in our backyard. I send her a blessing everyday, a healing prayer, that they may leave this place be.

She loves us, Nature. Her cycle is unconditional. She does what she does. Year after year, season through season. Unconditionally. She knows when to pull back, to leave be to grow, to sleep, to rest, to support and nourish, to stretch her energies towards us.

We all feel her. Every day, all the time. We are aroused with her in her powerful Spring, intoxicated by her, at our highest in her Summers, then a quiet comes when the scent of her tickles our nostrils and lulls us in to a happy space, through late summer Sun rays or wet rain drops mixing with leaves and dirt.

She offers her apples, her berries and colors before she withdraws and shows us how to die. How to pause and rest while the fertilized seed breathes invisibly, unmovably still, seemingly dead there in the darkness… And then it breaks through again and it grows and reaches upwards and out, and the power, the force of life, that is waking us from our winter slumber and lets us come back to life once more.

I wonder how we will all feel when there is nothing but gray concrete, breathless structure, blues screens replacing drugs and fresh air and the deliberate, conscious choice to transcend into an alternate reality that is not fake, but very real. In where things are actually alive and moving. By that time I will have been cleverly copied, habit studied and made even better than I could even think of being. My uploaded AI me will behave better than my RL me.

I will miss the scent of the forest after the rain. Or how the dirt smells after a day of full Sun. Or the quiet magic among the trees when Winter is walking through the lands.

We are all blessed by this unconditional lOve that comes from Nature. From the natural we ALL are. It won’t take long to understand the cycle. And to copy it. And to learn from it. To appreciate it. To consider her sacred and treat her sacredly. Magical. A being that needs lOve in return. Care. Communion. Perhaps one day, then, we will again be able to converse through her and know the secrets of Rocks. The lands. The trees. How the stars and her exchange. How her plants receive and live by the energetics and colors of rays from the planets. How she breathes cosmic frequency.

The currents of her molding through landscapes. Creating as she goes. Creating as she speaks. Hear through her the songs of the trees, the wildlife that seems to follow and obey her conduction in a balanced dance and life in peace.

I send this place a sacred healing prayer, that they may leave her be.