Jewels on the Tree

As the Full Moon is culminating within me, I am called upon to nourish right, to stay warm, to allow the massive energies of the past many years in constant transformation to somewhat settle.

I’m bleeding out thousands of brave little warriors who have been acting out as guardian angels, observing them now packing up and leaving my body; this constellation is over. Nothing more to protect, rebuilt or guard. Mission complete. ‘We’re good to go!’

Leave the house they’ve been transmitting through. The cell structure massively expanding, then contracting, like sacred breath, like the wave upon the Ocean. Honoring then the sacred journeys, I’ve sheltered within and projected out, I’ve seen the true beauty of falling in love, rising in lOve, clearing out everything of the falsity of illusion of unity. Sometimes wicked, sometimes raw, thus is the way you have to be with stubborn egoic desires that lead you astray; assertiveness and mad creative ways of dancing with echoes of thousands of years of releasing suppressed emotions, that a world built on rules and laws would not allow; fearing the force of both the light, the wisdom, the sacredness of including shadow work as it’s natural equal; understanding the lower vibrational spheres too; merging them all into the rich and full adventure; the extensive, all-consuming fire of venturing through, dancing with the sacred union, and not burning out, but rising again and again and again, and taming then the Fire; the balanced sacredness of both energetics through both sexes, and now it’s a warming, nurturing steadying eternal Flame.

Perhaps this contributed to paving a way towards a world that will one day co-exist with emotions in a wizened way, a conscious way of living as an integrated, emotional being. The full Human experience. Creating as they go, creating as they speak. Surf boards for everyone!

Now comes the time of stability, of Fall, of groundedness, where we walk together in peace. Turning those energies outward to creativity instead. To common goals. To a higher purpose. Expanding the web. Expanding the experience.

And thus all that remains is lOve. Union. He’s my soul companion through life.

Newness is coming, I feel it all the way to my aching bones as this energetic emigration cleverly disguised as the flu is transmitting its visions from the feverish heat pulsating through, tickling and thrilling the blood that vibrates and resonates deeply with the building energies. Urging towards nestling, home-coming, they carry the knowing, the feeling the new life cycle emerging.

The upcoming time, ahead and beyond the horizon that I cannot grasp just yet as those new visuals come through only in waves, I can only begin to grasp the fractures of new songs in creation, not yet made, not yet ready; as our own song, we have hums and riffs, but not the full version. As yet.

This space is sacred and holy, as now is the time for observing how deep the magic you made back in the portal worked.

Time for consulting the Heart, the Soul. Its wants; its needs, its purpose for being in this realm. The service to the World.

To draw the Tree is one thing; carefully, but rightfully placing the jewels on their right branches another.

The time now is sacred. I feel the old die and the new birthed at the same time, as if those movements, those circular formulas I made in the forest, on the mountain, the centripetal and the centrifugal, those spells are finally beginning to catch up with that future I foresaw before all of this. I feel confident, I feel victorious, I knew. I knew. And I was right.

What yummy honey this is to the tea in my Cup, the nuturing sensation of loving, honouring and healing a body that is tired from the transformation.

This is sacred. This is blessed sleep. This is the gifts of this tasty Full Moon.