The Soul Mate Adventure

So what do you do after all the clearing work is beginning to lift and shift? When all that energy invested and directed into releasing, cleansing, collaborating towards the mutual healing of each other’s hearts and sOul, that part of the collective karmic clearing you signed up to do, the journey to allowing the opening of the Heart, the acceptance of letting yourself be loved, carefully, slowly letting go of the barriers you built against it, after the dramatic breakups and getting back togethers that the outside world may or may not understand, but had to be travlled through, thus digging up the clever disguised hurt from a past that became a life blocking burden. The forgiveness work, respectively and mutually. Turning to our own responsibility. The independent individual in union. The unity consciousness, the mirrored One as a part of a whole. As a deliberate choice. Where else to turn to but to lOve.

Maturity. And learning, discovering, that it transcends the belief, that relationship journeys are all about discovering your self/soul through the other; that there is more. So much more.

Unearthing then rock solid companionship, everlasting and at last trustworhty emotions through those unpredictable never ending phases of the Moon. True friendship. lOve. Only lOve.

When at last the diamonds and pearls shine, the common coming together, the merging, the bubbly feeling of an endless laughter echoing into eternity, the JOY that is felt and resonates and keeps attracting more happiness, more laughter, the juicy, yummy, hot, sweet stuff you can share by your light, by being in this kind of love.

We begin to play. We begin to create. It’s a different dance, the steps purposeful, daring and passionate. We align with directed outlet passions. We write songs and compose new scores to accompany the new journey together. The calm coming though the music is playing out loud. The first chapters written for a new book. One WE are writing. Together.

Breathing a different and clearer Air.

New. The good life. We made it. Through. This is lOve.