The Dance of Life

There's a drum beating somewhere in the trees on the field.

It's calling to the Heart in me, and I have a slight suspicion, I know who the drummer is. On this day.

She's welcoming the New Moon. The Eclipse. With a knowing notion running deeply in her ancestral blood, her Moon is being awakened, invoking the spirits of this place, the event, the seed. The beat calms me, soothes the place within that responds to the frequency. I find a circle of Rocks in the clearing and sit to receive this unexpected gift before the clouds roll on and the rain hits the land. The beats find the passion in me that reciprocates. Wants to dance. But I breathe deeply instead and receive its healing. The vision dancing in the Air before me. As visible as the millions of seeds being carried by invisible force from the ripe plants of all sorts, now the Harvest time is coming and She’s busy spreading her goodies for the year to come. A giant dance of strutting their stuff. Potentials of becoming. Next years flower. Next years strawberry. A dandelion. A small tree. So much promise. So much future. Dancing in ther Air, right here. Richness. Nourishment. Life. In between the dancing devas and the drum, I see my own path lighting up. The dots connecting and making sense. My entire soul lights up in joy, heeding the grandeur of this celestial dust- stuff playing catch with and manifesting earthly events that are cleverly disguised as ‘coincidence’; She, the drummer, who wrote that Book, the zest in my chest for knowing the calm of the time ahead, the choices being made, what’s coming, and how very fortunate all of this is, grown from a place of Soul-mission, passion and purpose for being. Where all lights had to burn out and lead me to its cleverly concealed sparkling diamond in the midst of the darkest of dark. The cave you fear to enter holds your most valued treasure.. The light shines brighter now.

The Sun disappears behind the Rain. Water comes. Life. The drum session ends. New Moon is here.