The New

This is the New: Eclipses. They are as magical as everything else in the micro cosmos taking place all the time, every second, magic happens. Breathe and watch. Celebrate life. All the time. Birth-Life-Death-Birth-Life-Death is an endless cycle. It’s called life. In the larger scale, this Summer is ending, the Darkness is slowly coming. The seed needs the darkness to be birthed. The cocooning winters. Nestling. Waiting. Resting. We, who remember the effort must regain strength. For the season coming. We, who see the connection between the cycles as an ongoing event. Never ending. Everything breathes together. Nothing is untouched. Everything included. That’s lOve. I celebrate a cycle that finally ended. The labor done. And the peace that follows. Never knowing when or what settled it. It just ended. At last. And the freed energy, is at first an enormous outlet of joy, a fireball. We laugh, released, happy, knowing intuitively that now comes our time. We’ve found the way, the new path. It’s easier now. The ten of Swords finished its time with us. The promise on the Fire Field from its Keeper now active and golden in the Air between us. New steps. A new life. Freed from the limited slavery of the Mind, I found a door in this retrograde moment. Behind it an ocean. Calling me out to feel her currents. ‘Claim your wave’, she roared. My wave. Surfing it, THIS is possible. This new life. I’ll take it. It’s mine. It was always mine. Seeing this everything else falls away. The doubt. The diagnosis. The inability to be in this world. Thinking nothing here is for me. It’s a waiting station for something else. In between. The un-used source of energy, that un-utilized at its righteous channel became raw and angry, annoyed, unsatisfied. Useless and thwarted it becomes nuclear. Pent up it is exploding in maddening directions. Not a word on the dark sacred feminine. For now. But now. It’s my force. A strength. Life. Direction. Passion. Passion. A sensation, a force running through my veins with a lust for life and a sudden, thrilling, appetizing satisfaction telling me instinctively, intuitively, with such conviction, that everything is now possible. Mmmmmmmm, my sOul singing.