New Moon Eclipse

It’s a constant whisper. But not like that activity of the mind. This conversation does not create heavy matter or thought forms that pollutes the Air. It’s more like a laughter, a happy story the Forest tells and the sOul remembers and is lifted by it’s memory and sense of home coming, of being. That sort of magic. A gentle caress constantly embracing and softening your auric field. Your mind, eased by this sensation, becomes still, and you can’t remember anything of the busy-ness that occupied your worried mind. It’s a faint memory, seized to exist. It is like crossing over a special threshold. A portal. Into a stillness where SO much is going on. She has wrapped me in her blanket of clouds, let me dreaming aloud, spotting snakes hunting frogs in the small lake, a fox wanting to join the party around the Fire, let me swimming in her white roaring waves and felt the strong currents pull at my feet and strong legs.

I am happy to dive into the New Moon Eclipse. I’m recharged and ready to go.