True friends

‘Teach my Heart the art of forgiveness..’

I drank a powerful toast at the New Moon and asked the Heart to remain open in this fiery time coming. To not harbor pain, but instead produce in sufficient quantities the balm to soften the rigid stuff, that slows the beats per minute, makes the hard colder, and slowly suffocates and dulls. I asked, kindly, for the chance to meet again, anew, refreshed, released from this dead end of preconceived judgment, illusory expectation of a form, a norm, a way, misread code of conduct. That we may be released from the illusory disappointment, thinking we failed, and instead celebrate the massive energy we have together; having attempted 10000000 tries that didn’t work, and keep celebrating the one that will. That we may we find a space in time to act from lOve.

That all else may fall away. Teach my Heart to forgive.. him, the errors done, the outside events, myself… There is lOve here. It never ends. Transition to something else. Forging something new from what was left , always alive and vibrating, something that never knows an ending, as it is an impossibility, something that naturally undergoes a thousand little deaths, in its dark hours taking us by the hand and directing us to corners of our souls we couldn’t have accessed without the aid of the other; the kindred spirit, the soul mate. We have left each other, broken the ‘us’ we were becoming, the unhealthy us. A shadow version of the light, the potential we failed at. The one that was love. Not lOve. The culmination of this time as a powerful transformation, transition. Respectively we heal. Now. Respectively, we journey on with what as individuals and self-responsibility we must deal with.

The projection game is over.

Ding dong. The wicked witch is dead.

In a more honest place with each other we meet again as true friends. True lOvers. A bond like that is strong. Rare. Forgiveness is key. And sometimes we must let that die which cannot live and be healthy. Say goodbye. To be able to meet again. Begin from there. One step at a time. True friends first. Acts from lOve. And a new cycle coming. Soon.