Eclipse season

Clearing out the final distractions through this special time.

A golden opportunity from these currents; those waves gentle at first, then wild and raging building into tsunamis, the calm and gentle, pulling out to deep sea and dissipation those stubborn vibrations that intensifies when given attention, then building into matter attracting matter; those thought forms clinging to our auric fields, disturbing, thwarting, polluting and poisining not only our selves, but those close to us; ideas, labels, collective accepted falsities, habits, patterns, projection, more addictive and soul consuming than any drug, eating away your wisdom, mind infected, blindly accepting these malfunctions.

It pulls you away from lOve. So keep lOve and awareness of lOve close to you through these times. Always choose to return to lOve. Be conscious of it. Be knowing of it. Laugh at the shadow and how hard it tries to play make believe with your deepest insecurities, your hurt and your fears. This is exactly WHY you MUST know them. Acknowledge them. Whatever is left in your Pandora's box must come out.

Take them away from those dark matters. Secure them. LOve them. Like little babies. Don't feed them bad things! Don't ignore them or turn your back, they'll want more attention. Don't yell at them or shame them, they'll cry harder. Don't starve them, they'll grow hungrier. lOve them and they too will be LOVE. Transformed into positivity.

This red feeling mixes with certainty. A new calm amidst the chaos. Such are the poles of contradictory to teach us its width. The span in the Universe. As if there was a limit in either direction. Choose wisely, choose where you resonate. Know yourself. Feel the vibration within, see what it manifests for you. See it mirrored around you. What comes to you? What do you see? Really?

The self-taught perception from needing to protect yourself? From what?

Intense are such times where contrasts pull to the obvious extremities. Only the eyes that want to see, can spot the blazing light behind the illusions. Friction shapes the pearl. It’s not something to be avoided. You’ll miss something very valuable if you refrain from walking. Out of fear. Out of denying that this is absolutely something you must do. The quick fixes are false. To avoid, the ‘Id rather not', the ego cries of ‘I want something else’ is cheating yourself. You want this. More than you ever knew.

Keep walking. Keep going to those places of desolation. Of fear. Of darkness. Hold on to that one thing you know is true. No matter what it brings you. Ugliness. Loneliness. Apparent nausea. Unpleasantries. Keep walking. It’s a healing transformation. Endure it. Whatever keeps coming to you, whether pain or joy, loved ones, situations, feelings- good or bad (stop judging them), are yours. Embrace them. They are treasures. Let them take you to where they want you to go. See what’s there. It’s a soul wanting. Tear it down. It cannot stand. Build again. Rise from it. Know it. Know yourself. All of you. It’s the only way to be free. Untamed. Aware. Know yourself.

No real thing is gone from you. But this is a journey YOU must take. Alone. For this is such times where self healing brings shine to the collective. The new builds again, a new structure, stronger from it’s core; a matter vibrating with transformed belief, lOve in its purest form, kindness, freed from projected attachments, addictions and destructive patterns.

Now there is a new path to venture out on. From this end to a new beginning. From death, yet again to living. From the final breath out to the first breath in.

'Die such a death at the feet of gOd You will never have to die again.'

This journey has been long and wild. But it is protected and guided this walking on towards complete dissolution. Now it’s time to put the pieces together. There is room here. In the open heart. Re-emerging from the ashes that burnt us down, the pure stuff that is us in lOve within union, shines brighter. A new way, holding space for each other. On our separate journeys for now. The ones we love are never gone from us. There is a promise that we made, that lasts no matter what.

Love is gonna find us again.

It’s time to put roots down. Time to lOve. Come eclipses. Moon phashing. Sun spiralling. Shifting. Turning. Seasons. The wave is coming around again. I’m unafraid, finally. My heart is free. I lOve. Everything else is deadweight, and I shed that freely, willingly. It serves me no more. And when.. Love is gonna find us again. And time will bring again joy, laughter and unity between us.

LOve I do. LOve I am.