New Moon in Fire

‘Thank you’, my Heart screams this morning waking up to a day of new beginnings and many endings. I’m laughing.

A night filled with love and hope and blessings. Sacred space opening within and without. A gathering of likeminded. Circles are always so sacred; it’s the communion, intention, when all are coming together for the purpose of bringing light and love to share. A Heart forms in the center of the group. It shines brightly. She’s here.

We dance, and the dance is freeing. The space between my Heart and Head aligns. The Heart Blood rushing through my veins, I feel the Earth I’m standing on. Dancing with. She nurtures and caresses me. I’m alive. I’m in lOve. I dance with my Heart and it’s all I ever did and will do.

Remembering the Fireworks over the city as we are driving home in the chill night, raindrops mixed with midnight. Such a salute. For the work done. The culminating of this cycle.

Being grateful for the gifts this space held. I walked too long with a wound unhealed. The dark magic of it calling still and always certain events and fears to me, creating the opportunity to be torn open and bleed out, to be healed, finally.

An ancient wound from forever ago. Just drawing to it more events, more pressure, more and more, getting closer to the eruption. A black hole in me pulling all the forces in the cosmos. Summoning. Singing. Creating. Opportunity. The stars aligned, deeply, dark, all the hardest aspects, sent shivers down my spine when I read them coming so long ago, but I misread them, they were blessings. They were allies of intensity and strength weaving a life line, guarding me to go deep into that space and pick that one Book from The Library, you otherwise cannot gain access to.

When it happened, that which I feared the most, it had pearls and diamonds in its eruption. The greatest treasure to be had, but I had to collect it first, and I could only find it in the middle of the dark room.

The wound is healing. The peace found in those dark waves, I swim strongly, perfectly shaped for that Ocean. I breathe under water. I am free.

Now, everything can happen.

She’s free now, the woman in me that was chained, bound, hurt, bleeding, scared, wounded, lost, angry, limited, oppressed, lonely, abandoned, raped, killed, constantly dying. Now, she’s alive, wild, strong and free.