Fourth quarter Moon

Ironically unable to penetrate the thick rainy clouds on this Sun-day, he is mercifully exiting my House of Shadows after his annual visit. Sometimes his shine is too bright for these tired eyes that adjusted to seeing things clearly in the Dark. I am ironically, strangely sad to see him go, knowing our collaboration left some matters unfinished, but we'll pick it up same time next year along with the Solstice points and all that aiding magic.

The Moon with all her strong allies taking along with her into her dying phase the final pledges of wanting to walk with an open Heart that is aware of all her mystical beats, quirky sounds, previously unentered chambers and tiny doors serving as portals for other vibrations of light still unknown to the macro cosmos she centers. The Heart without the integrated Moon is the cross she carries. Still.

‘May it be’, is the proper translation of all the omens surrounding this darkened time in life. Omens visible perhaps only by those who see into matter and energy with curious eyes. Knowing of a different rhythm and hear the Earth breathe and picking up whispers through frequencies who are silent noise to uninitiated ears. Will we all feel it and know it? Perhaps. Perhaps if One changes and goes with that flow, they will make more follow. And more. And so on and on.

The collective is in motion. We all have our duties. The Web pulls in every one of us. Collectively organizing and staging every event, this gOds’ game with us. How ignorantly we judge and condone. The pain we feel and push through may serve as pearls for a life to come, tomorrow, in five minutes or in the next or for someone else entirely. No one is out of the collective. No One is out of gOd.

It all permeates and glows out there in the interstellar cosmos. All there to be read.

The death of this cycle. And this death is kind. There is no darkness in dying. There is instant light. It’s in the eternity in between the inbreath and the outbreath, perhaps we get to decide, free of gOd, free of will, out of any time, any decision, any thing. In the smaller scheme of things, it shows in the equinoxes, in the portals of Solstices, of pauses between the alignments, all else is fireworks of life in motion, cyclical turns. Everything comes around again in another from, with different presents accompanying the symphony. Small gems. Adding luster to the diamonds’ shine. It’s all about spotting them, the gems. Do not be alarmed by events that try to blow you out of your mind. Nothing can happen to you, you happen to things. To be able to know yourself.

The Sun is speeding slowly through the vortex of totality. On and ever on. So fast we hardly feel it in our humanly perceived fixed concrete linear lives. With the eyes that see and ears that hear everything is moving at the speed of Light. There is nothing linear nor fixed about any of this.

In a small corner of a cosmos, a Moon is finishing a cycle. This stellar affair would almost go by unnoticed, had it not been for the seemingly coincidental but very particular shine, this archetypical cosmic cocktail manufactured. Her pale ominous light would not have resonated with and been reflected in the shine of those pearls, making themselves then present and visible, thus creating hope, changing a perspective, saving a sOul. A shine so bright in this Dark night of the sOul.

Image: Divine Grace by Rassouli