I come with intention.

On the left side of the sacred well, whose fresh Water runs from under the forest, a man sits. On the right side, a woman is asleep in the grass. They’ve swopped sides. I drink the Water. I rub it on my chest, where supposedly my Heart is.

I cross the marked place between this world and the next. Everything is visible in the altered state. She comes at me instantly and pulls at the harbored gravity that weighs me down, make my walk slobby, pull my shoulders up and forward to be protecting the wounded heart. She takes it away and tells me to be patient and not stray from my path out of spite.

The echo from the familiar healing voice in my ear on the way here, who tells me again about the crystal light in the horizon, but reminds me also of the dark constellation to be transformed. He laughs and says how easy it will be. Somehow, I sense the events of late are interconnected. Called upon. The Heart Blood. The Bull in the cup. The Bull on the fixed point with manifested darkness. It’s all too obvious.

The Heart is open. In the Heart-2-heart I ask to be delivered. Completely this time. Not a little. He carries the golden heart in a chain in a tree, now. For a while. It’s safe with him. He needs her more. She will protect him from afar. I’m here in her embrace. And I will keep praying for his forthcoming journey. Pray he finds his companions and guides.

Crystal energies and thought forms dance above me in the tickling sunlight through the treetops.

It’s the waning time before the gap closes and the opportunity must be caught and this sacred time spent wisely. I give my hair, the old me. I give my song, the me being attuned. I give those two little rocks that form a Yin/Yang, a symbol of sacred unity along with the symbol of Fire- for the next Moon coming. I do the ritual to cleanse the negative energy from the surface of any auric fields, his, mine, the Earth’s.

I wait. My steps are heavy still. Exhaustion and fatigue. It’s a sleep walk. She gives back a rock with an image of the Sacred Masculine. I laugh. I have bubbles inside still. It makes me laugh more, though this time is the darkest I’ve ever seen, I conclude as I sit in the Thing Stone Circle and rest my head in my hands.

There is a song in my chest. A promise of hope in the forthcoming alchemical Fire. I know what time does.

4 white wolves run by my side just before I cross the exit point.

At night one more ritual. To let the light shine. Not a little. Completely. To know and show I am that. I have a loving, kind heart. A beating, passionate heart. A knowing heart. An alive heart. I lOve. I can’t stop lOving.

May lOve carry and keep us and be the only constant in our Hearts. May lOve guide us home to joy and happiness once more. May lOve and compassion heal us and keep us safe.

A crystal light shines in my empty rooms. There is Heart Blood in my cup.