Solstice Prayer

The light has been so intense, so bright, like a spotlight onto those issues unresolved. Coming up to culminating now, I see those shadows tall and dark. Having had me frightened long enough, steps tentative and cautious still, learning slowly, immensely slowly, that they are but shadow, this journey out is overdue. Plato's cave and all that. But it is more than just .. that. Other forces at play here.

It’s the time now to make peace with them as the wheel turns to bring darker nights and shorter days, again so soon.

I spot with wonder and excitement to the like of a child’s, that I have come into this existence with certain constellations placed right there. Perhaps as guiding post to be pondered continually on, - on and ever on, arriving at the same door year after year, only rather late nudged, then having the wits to wanting to find the key to open that door and only recently having been granted it. Opening it, that old squeaky door, things stored to bar it come tumbling out at you. Such a mess in your neatly decorated house.

An echo from an advice given by my teacher. 10 of Swords on that day. The omens and the symmetry.

Nothing goes unnoticed when gOd looks in the mirror and sees yOu.

To forgive. To let love go and lOve come in and fill you up. The inbreath and the outbreath of now.

Those Solstice points have turned out to be my favorite days of the year; the portals forever on and up, in, through. The pledges renewed, vows to this One journey holding so many chapters.

This time there will be a journey to a forest at a sacred place of power. To be held in the space between the equal exactness of these two forces of this realm.

To call upon my ancestors for help as this is their stories' end. To call upon the aid of the spirits of the light. The magical potentiality of heeding the wisdom this portal holds. What to plant, what to release. What not to bring along. Release it all in that alchemic moment of opportunity. Wielding the flames from this sacred fire into threads of gold for weaving a new chapter.

Perhaps through this one night of intentionally going out there manifesting, will bring forth the spirit of the shadow. The confronting of fear and the darkness it holds can bring light to the forefront of a new way of outlet, of channeling its power to positivity. And that I may have the eyes in the darkness to know and be wise. To see it clearly.

I am a child of Light. That I may be a free woman travelling effortlessly with no more barred doors between and through these points. Offering the wisdom to the world. lOve.

This is my Solstice Prayer.