Full Moon Vision Quest

There’s a wedding out here today. I notice the white bouquets of flowers and white candles neatly placed on the stairs down to the sacred well, where I go to drink and ask to be purified and ask to see and hear clearly.

It’s after the Full Moon, but close enough to still feel the tingling of the vibe. It’s a familiar one.

Crossing over the place where I enter the altered state. Nothing. There is remarkably silent within my ever-buzzing head. So much that I begin to wonder whether I have lost touch with the flow in this sacred grove of mine, that I have come to see as my healing space. The place where I’d always go to ask and receive an answer, just like I have always done; gone out in nature and found meaning. Answers. Letting whatever wave crash, wind blow, animal spirit, funny coincidence, incident, accident that came translate itself into medicine for the soul. Knowing that answers often speak another language. But never silence..

No voices, no visions, no whispers on the wind. I begin to wonder whether I’ve lost touch in the daily busy-ness of work, routines, being indoor too long, tall fancy office buildings, cool business, but object. Strangely, that too is giving my life something precious. Something I am grateful for. It’s the balance of both, that makes my life complete. And the minute I release that, it all begins..

Everything carefully designed and called upon. It all answers back by placing on my path certain people from that journey to and through initiation on the Venus-place, with the Moon-knowledge and a Blue Angel. She’s the one I always meet. And she serves as a mirror, that fellow Moon-sister. She no longer walks alone either.

The buzzard that soars straight above me, dives into the valley to my right and starts hovering above, and I laugh as a deer jumps right out beside me as well at the same time. My laughter startles him and the buzzard disappears over the tree tops shrieking her healing cry. A reminder.

The spirit of this place starts impressing me with wisdom. Visions. Sights. The wind whispers again. I know. I see. I hear. An impression of journeys and how they may manifest differently. How some journeys do end, but then at the same time they transmute into a new one. Like death and dying instantly becomes birth and living.

I have integrated something I was afraid of and now feel comfortable with. The white flowers are offered, the white candles are lit. I drank from the sacred Waters. The medicine is clear. The wedding is consummated, as within so without. It paves the way for a new way of being. The Moon way.

A tiny terror for my soul trembles in all my universes, and I know that’s also the sign of already being on a new adventure.

I leave the place all walked out, the hum in my heart, the beat in my chest. Pulsating. Aware.

I haven’t lost anything, but a transformation has been taking place since I started coming here, though I feel like nothing has changed, nothing is new, and the processes are moving endlessly slow and are still exactly the same.

The flow of magical events weaves itself into my consciousness. Subtle. Almost unnoticed and walk out alive and clear in my dream at night. I dream of Her.. And she still holds out her hand and offers me to come work with Her. I always accept.