How to live

It was the untrust. The unfaith. The view from within and out. Inside a sOul singing, but singing alone, though along. The eyes that saw and did not resonate. Yet. The fear and the hurt blurred the vision. The one that makes one blind to real life. Make believe that the defense is what gets you through life unscathed, though the damage is left unhealed, raw and oozing underneath the band aids. Who wants to heal, when the cure is worse than the disease? Constantly trying to escape the knowing, that at some point you simply have to walk through that hell and come out the other side. Keep going, keep going. But you protect the oozing wound, like a snarling wolf and the protection becomes your disease. Your monster. Protecting that wound. Why not let it heal instead; nothing to protect. Return to lOve and natural expectation of good. Like the child who knows it is lOved. That their world is all about them. Ego or sOul knowledge?

A full life building. Preparation. The walks and the talks. Finding the clues, connecting. Knowing that the journey would be long. Years long. Unaware of the stellar toolbox in the backpack. Always packing exactly what you need. The magnetic magnitude of attracting the inevitable.

Then the real life hit. True lOve came. The one that tore down every wall and blasted the illusion that life is unkind. He took his place beside me. Made me move from the unreal to the real. Thunderstorms and hurricanes. Blasts and lOve. Long journeys and adventures to show me what I couldn’t believe. The Mind that had to be reconstructed, as the mind makes manifest that what it believes. It resonates and draws to it what it needs to survive, therefore the truth when it comes, seems like the biggest threat, the greatest lie. The battle began.

The loop. Back to the storages of the small gifts, the pearls and jewels, collected along the way. Knowing I’d need them for later. The wisdom unfolded. Carefully put aside for those times, that would come. Those times are now.

Now. The rest of our lives can begin. Only now arriving to the beginning point. The mind put to bed, that ringing in my head, that nail in my head, showed me how to live.. Frequency. Sound. Healing. The stars aligned. The time is lOve. Now. Trusting life. That life is kind. I am lOve incarnate. And the world is hOme.