'Everyone is trying to wake up from a pattern that was created in them long ago.'

'Life often challenges us through our relationships to be visionaries...to look beyond what is being presented on the surface and dive deeper beyond the seemingly damaging actions of another...to see their wounds that are calling out to been seen and acknowledged.

We can get so invested in our perspective that we can forget that everyone has their own journey that is sacred and divinely inspired.

We hurt each other because we ourselves are hurting, our pain left unchecked surges out into the world shaping our relationships in ways we never intended.

Everyone is trying to wake up from a pattern that was created in them long ago.

The divine is living under all the layers of our disguises and everyone who walks through your door has something unique to teach you about yourself. Whether we need correction in our actions or to value ourselves more and place boundaries in or to walk away. We just need to pay attention to look for and and see that piece of gOd in all the different facets.Only with healthy connection to self do we stop projecting our wounds into form.

Only through our heart do we understand.'

​© 2021 by Camila Reland

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