We are sOuls first....

Perhaps it was there all along. That tiny notion that hid itself in the far corner of the back of my mind and grew. Expanded slowly, but surely, and had more force than those other loud voices in a fast thought-image-alternate world possibility, like a missile seeking-all kind creating of scenarios-hyper active mind.

Carrying Neptune in the backpack and Jupiter inseparably merged with whatever mood; the highs and the lows making certain diagnosis look like a picnic -why I have stayed away from anyone within the business that starts with P and ends with a WHY. My experience is, that that is where ’they’ leave things. At the ’why’. Not looking for anything else and that just buys you another ticket to a next round in the mind looking for the answer to why, and it loops. Profitable business, the mind. But this notion. Different.

It’s the countless times you imagine something, take the road, certain of the steps that will take you there, thrilled with excitement of the new, but life and circumstance make you adjust along the way, the numbers of dead ends, turn backs, try something different’s, whatever works’s.

Too many rules and collective accepted behaviors, and you find that it doesn’t apply to you, nor your values. The ones you thought you had are not valid once you stand there, principles, rhetoric, or a voice from an honest Heart? Not one that pretends to know the answers or what’s best, just one that dares to be honest. Speak up. Speak out. Who owns the voices in my head? Who made the rules that I should follow, why isn’t the World more creative when it comes to lOve and living, and why are we the ones who are frowned upon when we break those rules and stand out?

It all retrogrades. Everything. The values. The voices. The thoughts. The heart expands or throws out stuff and waits for the time to align with planets, constellations, light or someone who has the patience to show it lOve. Most of us have forgotten what it is and how it is done, cause we are brought up with fear and how to be scared of everything, how to expect the worst always, left over from the reptile brain that thinks it matters most to survive, but the human spirit is awakening now to knowing how to LIVE. Make it count. Make it strong enough to drown out the warnings.

That notion that it is better to be traveling than arriving. That voice inside that said ‘not yet’, don’t buy, move, move A LOT, be nomadic, drift for a while even if ‘a while’ turns out to be 5 years. Don’t settle for the treadmill. Be moveable. Something is changing. Something else is coming. The chance of a new way of living life, that will satisfy everything your sOul is hungry for and will sustain you. He’s part of the plan. Even if it looks like you crashed into each other un-timely and the super novas in the Big Bang you’re still causing each other has not yet died down and settling down is still no way near possible.

But the New is coming. It’s here. Forming.

Heart values renewed with flashes of force and insights. Strong spirits transcend rules. WE are made strong from these crazy trials of having to endure too much ongoing constantly, like a creation still ongoing, still stretching.

We are entitled to feel a little exhausted from time to time, and then to rest, to play, allow ourselves to not give a s***t about the rules. We’re the ones who taste the stardust and feel the tides shifting, the Moon phasing, the vibrations in the World’s foundations.

We need the fresh air, we need freedom and open spaces, horizons, adventure and lOve. We need nature and waves, rhythm and frequency. We need to play songs and sing along. Dancing, breathing, making lOve, making fairy tales come true, sleeping under the stars at night, breathing with the trees, one breath alignment, forget the mind, forget the rules. We need to listen to those notions underneath the heavy thought patterns, that city life and logistics and schedules and media pollutes our world with. This city is so heavy. And that life too, can be so heavy, but the good news is, it’s not real. It’s short and illusory and we don’t get to take any THINGS with us.

We have another life waiting. No, I don’t mean death, that comes fast enough, but who knows maybe we aren’t born yet. It’s the rest of this life. Together.

Out. Side. Coming?