Magic happens

The return of the magic once I allowed it to happen. I remember the original hum, the One who sang along and knows my tune, as it his as well, it’s the one and same, the epic scores once more played aloud in my inner ear, moving me to live with the musical of the spheres surrounding my sensory reality. As I rejoice from seeing he is rising to meet me here, I momentarily ponder if he really did move or I stopped denying him passage? And is the movement quite the same? And whose awareness of what reality is really altered? It’s the dance we do together, companionship. Union. It’s the instant sparks of blue flickers once I spot creativity, releasing all pointless past created fear of outcome, the endless replay of make believe drama, keeping the cycle stagnant, just looping, instead popping my head out of the matrix, and I see it in the Sun, the Moon, the orbits, and passionately catching them in those first seconds of a new day, vibrating in the rays created from the bridge between night and dawn, I grasp a light of change and see it’s all in the mind games, the illusions, but I did have the foresight and wits to remember to build that bridge, and that’s my escape, my exit to freedom. To love. Back in the arms of everything I know I want from the depth of my soul, having silenced the worried voices that talked too loud, wondering why I would deny myself the joy of being alive? To whom should I turn, to whom should I listen, whose opinion matters, whose expectations should I live up to, and will I finally stop seeking approval or advice, when the only one who has my answers, the choice to my steps, is me. Only me The feeling of homecoming and ease, as life shows me how easy it is to be in it, once I surrender to its embrace, the fabric that holds me, makes me, responds to me, mirrors my intents, lifts me, showers me in its abundance and love... The only reality is love. Love is mine, I have it right here.