The Venus Diaries on the 11th April, as Mercury retrogrades in Taurus and Venus conjoins Chiron and


Do you live what you lOve and lOve what you live?

Do you honour the path that all those in your life are on, even if unkind thoughts and actions are exchanged?

Do you try to honour your soulful commitments in all that you do, holding steadfast to both honour and integrity?

Do you live according to all the higher ideals that inspire you, even in tough times when it is easy to default into a less honourable code?

Do you take the time to lOve, even when it is not reciprocated and when it is returned conditionally to you? Remember that the only lOve there is the lOve you create, regardless of whether it is shared or given, as you are tested to grow in self-lOve and self-appreciation, without expectation of return over the coming two weeks.'