3 Moons

The pull so intense, but so familiar I know from where it comes. The summoning to another place, to where I must go.

Retreating for a brief moment of time to my solo-ness and own place of power after the long initiating journey of trial after trial, testing after testing, transit after transit, into a together-ness, inside and the outside, arriving at a collaboration at last. I am left to understand that even though now alone, I am not alone. The merging has already taken place and cannot be undone. There were initiations and first attempts and then there was the arriving and the letting in. That is done. The union complete, sealed. It allows for other parallel journeys to be visited and in them energy collected to continue the transformation coming. A moment’s peace and celebration was what we just had. That was the preview of what is to come and can be.

A coexistence well established, the exchange successful, I can leave it for a while. Job well done. On both sides. We have made commitments to be more than lovers to each other. Hearts and vows exchanged, other functions are being called forward for a time, for a quest, for purpose.

There is a function now in returning to my duties. Carefully called upon to remember that which I am. And what it is I can do. I am a lightworker. I am that I am. I have the power to do this, so I must. The agreement made on so many levels.

The calling collects my senses and lets me in an altered state already before arrival, being directed as always to do what must be done.

Embracing her, connecting instantly to the heart-to-heart, she heals the fear, the uncertainty. Do I have the power to lift this? Am I strong enough? Will my ego get in the way? Or will I stand strong in my light? She whispers her wisdom through my veins as always. From a wordless space, everything makes sense and falls into place within, readying my actions. Stretching my abilities and erases every memory of things spoken that does not resonate from a place of light. So it is not there anymore. The events coming cannot latch onto anything negative in me. The only thing I can mirror and project is a higher frequency. lOve. And the reminder of origin. Home coming. Joy. A light on the path.

Underneath the wet spot, I dig the hole. Making sure the energy of these sacred places are connected. The personal belongings’ exchange.

Rituals work in many spheres and in several dimensions at the same time. This is the calling home of the Souls gone missing. I am being whirled back by centripetal forces to the time of place where certain things got stuck, where certain choices were made in lack of better knowing, lack of awareness, thus binding the terrified to react in the same way unable to change, but now must be healed and lifted, so that the soul that now sees with maturity can step up and correct the past choices, to have a better path today. To better lift and shift what must be released. What must be walked through to return to a state of balance and purpose. To be able to do so, some energies must be cleared.

Energy travels, healing can be done out of time through this. I am pulling at the chords of this disharmony. Softening them.

On my third round of the walk-about prayer-saying, I notice the sign on the forest floor of the Stone Circle, that has become my sacred place of power over the years since it called me to it. There are signs and then there is direct communication. 3 Moons. 3 rounds of phasing. Patience is needed. It must ebb, then flow, rise, culminate, die, be nothing. 3 times.

After the work is done, the pull is released and the worlds stop spinning.

There is quiet. And I know I can do this. The ritual will work. 3 Moons.