Reason for being

There are the ongoing journeys, and then there are the moments when you know you’ve reached a certain point in your life, where the light is a little bit more demanding. It drowns own all noise and disturbance simply so you can focus on a single function. That's the only purpose of your existence. No other roles to play than this.

Shut out every illusion of emotional reaction. It simply does not apply here. It calls you to grandeur. It calls you to your calling, your reason for being. Reason for being!

The reason for being is what this is all about. All of it. The ultimate opportunity to be the you that always was inside, but could have been masked, hidden, detoured, made up, covered up behind armor or number one attraction; sedated in those indulgences physical life offers. The fallacies are many, and the getting lost in those dead ends are what makes for interesting journeys back on track, but this one leaves no room for dillydally nor adventure. This is walking the line. Straight up. The wake up call.

There is a certain shift that takes place within when you arrive at seeing through it. You must move. The change occurs. Cause if you don’t move with it, you get stuck, over time, overdue, and there’s a thwarted stretch of energy versus awareness, if you don’t act your knowing. Not knowledge. Knowing. There’s a difference.

The not acting your knowing has consequences. Fatal ones, even.

There comes a journey at a certain point in life where one really needs to decide which path needs to be treaded. Certain paths simply cannot be walked without the leaving behind certain things. In the beginning the things that must be left behind can seem like a loss, but often we find, that we are better off without the clinging to the 'can't live without's', and a cleanness, a clarity, a determination that evolves into a sobriety comes upon us, and we realize we are happy we let go. Lighter in ourselves we can open to receive the destination that journey offers. It is always a happier place.

Trust is the heart of the matter.

Untangling oneself from the suffocating grip darkness had upon us. The whispering lies, the pollution of the body and the energy that pulls so hard at the lost getting in emotional dead ends of the mind. The guilt and the feeling bad. Ancient addiction to emotional flagellation and you never have to move anywhere. But this is the time you really have to move to change and stop torturing yourself. Trusting the light. Rising above the addiction, whatever you’re addicted to. Going through it. Ridding oneself and arriving at peace.

That’s the timely journey.

The time is now.

Right now. Trusting you are supported. You are helped. You are not alone.