Our minds are wired to complex thinking, creating fascinating theories, thus making up stories and intellectual truth, but are we open to the simpler truth. The truth about asking and then getting. Interconnection. Weaving. As above, so below.

Nevertheless, the rain stops pouring for half an hour, the clouds roll by for a minute or two to create a mirrored circle in the skies above.

The pull and the call that was evident before the arrival come to a silence within, the summoning complete. The force of the humming drowns out the awareness of the amounts of visitors. We are the only ones here.

The directions given before reaching the place like a song from across the fields, of what to do, what to give, the invitation extends a connection to take away with us when we leave.

Initiation. The singing continues. We walk the round around. The rituals. The Sun. The Moon. These constellations. “Ask us,” the wind suddenly whispers. “We have the answer you seek.” How simple to just plug in to a place and connect to the energy, when you trust you've been invited and some one is glad you reciprocate supplying your energy which brings the place to life again. The answer is simple, but complex. Another time and life in connection to the next, nature, divinity, constellations and cyclical understanding. It all intertwines and create a beautiful vision within. Simple. Complex.

We walk hand in hand round and round. Soul struck, heart pulled, Moon blown, Air stretched making space to hold this sacred circle within. A personal belonging in exchange for the established extended connection.

A newly wedded couple have their picture taken in front of the magnificent stones.

We arrived at 11:11.