The sweet spot

Spring dancing sweetness in and out of my heart’s aura.

Didn't someone foretell that the chakras are merging into one from where everything breathes?

Then this experience must be it. The remains of a fire burning out, leaving my sphere, the me experiencing from all kinds of places and trying to put it all together, but that me was too caged in, didn't know how to love-and-be-loved, was unable to move beyond the restricted confines of a body-soul-mind 3D system, stirred from the usual ‘wiifm’ motivational ego desired satisfaction, but tried and not in vain to be instead feeding the one that flows freely like the erupting volcano, the wild river or the wind that never dies but changes its environment forever, and makes you wonder; are you slightly cheek caressed or blown away? Or perhaps left somewhere in the middle, but changed nevertheless.

Dealing in those subtleties, the experience made the same impact; if you feel it, you really, really speak to the wind.

There were Springs, first one, then another and another promised, but now, this time, there was a song about a summer so sweet that the scent could not be fathomed in a barren Winter, and therefore, mercifully, could not be longed for. It is to be experienced when it comes and then the promise of it will make sense.

An awaited soul desire that is fulfilling and satisfying. No chase. No cheating. Just waiting for the moment. That first warmth, the realization that it’s now. A Sun’s position. A tilt on the horizon. A look in an eye. Perhaps an opposition. The feel of the soil. A click. A key that fits a lock into deeper, smaller rooms. Falling into place. Arriving. Not yet. But coming. Inevitable. Impossible to miss.

Such is the script of things coming now.

Accept of the flow of things with no expectations, which only creates with them a window for contradiction, the paradox in which happiness is graded.

It’s all new. As everything is bursting with life, living at full speed, yearning for the ultimate stretch now the goal is within reach, the blooming comes, then the fruit of the efforts later, but now, now the momentum is here.

Enjoy this time. Make a pause every now and then and be present. Let a ray of Sun catch your eye, you’ve worked hard to get here. Breathe this moment in. This Spring. This Summer coming. Pause when that promised scent hits your sensory pleasure system. Bathe in it. It’s the sweet spot of your life.

Notice the light in your Heart. It shines brightly and sharp as never before. It has merged into One. Breathe. Live. LOve.