This is PINK!

Such are the movements. Such are the tides. Something dies because you realize it’s time to let go and step into something completely new. The strong ideas, the sentiments of power and certainty that THIS is definitely, absolutely how you feel. Absolute.. there is no such thing as an absolute. One second to the next and the distance between the unknown into the known. And you can’t stand in the same place twice. You can’t bathe in the same sea twice. Just looking at it, it will have changed.

Whatever castles you build in the sand, that tide will wash it down as easily as blinking an eye. It doesn’t matter. Ultimately the Ocean always takes back with it what it must, to mix it up with its waves and shake it up, dissolve, dissipate, rooting its origin. She is the master of magnetic pulling to which we are drawn and must obey the rules of coming back, going home. That’s her calm, that’s her medicine. Reminding us where we belong and that nothing we create won’t be affected or taken back by her.

The ocean is quiet tonight as the pink sets in and reassures to add romance to the sentiment. A blueprint of what’s to come. Calm. I allow myself to enjoy it, as I’m not so easily fooled, knowing the slightest of change of winds and the Earth’s tilt will and can stir up the waves and create a motion that is wilder than this. But for now, a calmness settles in.

A caressing salty-tasting whisper that says ‘You can release this, you have reached the finish line. Tomorrow there will begin a new cycle, as always, but this one is done.. Let it out, give it to me, it will make for tomorrow’s waves.’

..and I release the cry of Spring out toward the open Sea and release the jOurney of the past 2 years. Ironically standing at the exact same place as where this particular journey began. Nothing like a homecoming.

The certain death is as certain as the birth that follows somewhere else. The hands that let go of what they were convinced they had to hold onto. As if life depended on it. The very existence. Survival. Breathe. In. Out. And see how easy you need nothing. Become that nothing and you will have stepped into the everything. That’s what happens in that tiniest of moments between breathing in and out. Nothing. Everything. Where nothing is yet just becoming, but becoming is nothing, yet. It’s free. Like a pondering moment where gOd decides. What’s next? This moment here.

Every day is a new world, a new life. The past is forever gone and you can’t build houses on yesterdays, such is stuff from where dreams are woven.

I walk now with an open Heart. Accompanied. Out in the open. Visible. And this light is strong.

Stepping into the new all doors are suddenly open and walls have come down. The sudden awareness of space takes my breath away, and I have to stand there for a moment looking at my feet to focus.

I forgot how SPACE makes me feel.

I smile.

It feels good.