It’s the pledge you promise yourself, coming from the wisdom in the dark morning hours just before consciousness finds it’s directions back to a world that moves a bit slower, and in which you just have to be patient.

With the things, you have seen out there, in there, in here. Knowing that one day they vibrations of it all will manifest as you see them, not before, not long after. The gift of the Eye in tune with the Song of Cosmos.

Patient with peOple around you, making the seemingly same mistakes, going another round in the arena, and you smile as you find the key to the door of absolute humor, as you see your own impatience and clumsy feet mirrored in their footsteps.

Humor, but nonetheless the serious awareness that certain things must be kept on leash. Stop feeding the beast, and stay in love. Stay in kindness. Stay in. Don’t go out.

The pledge and the promise to do better. To be better from simply deciding to never voice certain things again, let go of the assumptions, accusations, finger pointing blame as it builds instant walls between you and them, and the tedious, repetitive work of having to tear them down again.

How we long for certain amnesias, when mistakes remembered and blown out of proportions are better forgiven and forgotten, as they serve no other purpose than to trap the mind and thus the emotional rollercoaster ride in the prison of unforgiveness and bondage. Is there a pink elephant in the room, or have we let him out? Was it that simple? .....Is that what ‘living for TODAY’ means? ....Imagine all the people, not just me, you..

The knowing and trusting that the human behaviours which are ridiculously ugly and absurd are simply not part of one’s origin, but simply the house we build around us made from fear. The light is on inside. See that. See that! See only each other’s light, the walls are but clay easily coming down with a next big wave of love. That’s it.

Stick to the pledge. Life is beautifully, so. Let go. Live for today.