Let's make love

What if we replaced all the exchanging of words with accept and compassion?

Would we remember words are force alive with vibrancy to manifest and influence surroundings much like wind and sunlight?

What if no one were afraid of following their hearts and just took what was rightfully theirs and let the rest be? What a dance! Some claim there would be no friction and thus no life, but I say there would be plenty. It would be joyful times steering clear of all the dead ends, getting lost and correcting mistakes. Detours and pointless suffering. Waste of precious time.

What if no one was ever told what they couldn’t do? Would they then just do what came natural? I believe we’d do beautiful things, cause beauty is our origin.

But fear still rules this world where the little ego lives in all of us demanding big things and thus the wants are thwarted and few bother with awareness and need their anesthesia in quick fixing from fast food, fast love, fast words, fast joy, fast astrology, fast photos, fast feel good, feel like shit the next, sugar coat rushing makes for the hardest crashing and the wheel is ever spinning.


What if just one person replaced all their long lists of their ‘don’t wants’ with 'I want this, I wish for this'.. And the wants and wishes were love?

What if we never raised anything but our vibration and our connection to lOve?

How about only expressing short simple sentences with the energy emanating ‘I have clarity, I lOve you.’ And not speaking until then.

What if you and I never had to use words between us again to express all the lOve coming through? Let love out. Full volume. Full on.

What if we never made words between us again? I am certain we would just make love.