The world is changing.

The day you spent yesterday is gone and feels like a zillion years ago, already. The 86400 seconds you spend in a day have a magical portal within the number 9. The door to eternity. Perhaps that is why you feel like January, February rolled by at such speed you forget to question the pictures on your memory roll. The Fire in your hair or the days in darkness. Snow on the hills. Lying in your lover’s arms cocooned from the world outside.

The vibrant existing within the dimensions of the world now merging into one. It seems wherever we go the message is clear, it’s the movement from 3D to 5D, and the merging is ongoing. Perhaps that is when and why you lose track of days, time and energies.

The paradigms shattered, the flexibility in brainwaves and reality when you stretch the Universes and cloth yourself in stardust and chemistry. It takes less than a second to create a new thought, that holds the chords of this new song. The hum of lOve.

It’s in the liquidity of things you manifest, you create the path as you walk, that love is real and you can pull down walls as effortless as you can spot they are pointless.

I have arrived to a place where love is golden, because I know I am lOve. My vocabulary holds no words that resembles the old.


Family tied together. Angels. True lOve.

Late night love poems arriving.

He came to visit just before I closed my eyes, patting me on my back reminding me of his scent and kissed my cheek, holding my heart close to his and saying we are forever connected wherever we go.

I am safe in this world, there is no there or here, when you know the beat of your Heart and your Soul align and thus create your reality.

Mine is lOve.