Fruit of the Trees, out on a limb....

Cautious, careful.

The dawn finds her way to the bird who enthusiastically sings her song. She’s unbothered, careless about retards running the world, discussing things that will never MATTER in the cycle of Life rushing through infinite Space, there are dynamics and flow, the in and out-ness, but surely the dawn comes, surely the bird sings.

She knows it’s spring and thus she does what she must. Sings. Not those lonely, surprised and desperate tweets of fragile attempts to maintaining proof of life through the death feel through this coldest of winters, but a full song of hope and memories of late summer nights, sun kissed and tastes of salt on the skin, scents of spending days with trees and dirt and no deodorants.. those kinds of songs.

The world is brand new. And everyone is holding their breath, whilst old paradigms and ways of lives are burning down and out, having served a purpose that built a step on the latter towards the only movement that will always be the end result of sideward, down the dead ends, round in a circle, getting lost, back and forth, to the left, to the right; UP.

Letting old ways be old ways, and not using them anymore. Not affirming old truths, but speaking nothing or learning a new language. What are we saying to each other when we say nothing at all?

'This thing we got it’s alive, it seems to transcend the physical. I don’t understand, it means I love you.'

Ten million ways to renew. To resurrect. To die and let things die with you. There’s a new life and universe tomorrow where the floors have just been laid. Are your feet clean? Can you put your foot down, and what print will it leave?

How’s your Heart wired? Do you belong? Do you know your way home, or do you have to feel it

to be in it?

Which fruit do you sustain and nourish from? The Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge?

Do you honestly think you’re not connected when you’re apart, flying, up in the air, far away from home? Not close to the ones you love?

Why do you let the demands and questions from others define you? Are you not who you are? Why the need to tell them you’re someone else?

How about ‘I don’t know’ for an answer, but trusting the becoming in the cocooned love that is there nesting you, making you, caressing you. You are so loved. You are so beautiful. You are born to succeed in all your magic of creativity. So an ‘I don’t know’ will serve as the magical 3 words opening exactly the doors on to the next level.

To that place where your world is new.

It’s in the in-between creation is the most evident. After the Winter, before the Spring.

When the bird insists on her song despite the blizzard.

I’m positively certain you absolutely know yours. Sing! You have such a beautiful voice!