New Moon Sun Eclipse

Any emotional wave that could ever crash into you, let it pass and break.

Underneath those feelings are something far more real. Behind the masquerade of projection. No one can make you feel anything that’s not an echo of programmed belief. You are no more human than free to be aware of your origin.

‘Do you think that’s Air you’re breathing now?’ ;)

Let them come and go. Watch for the gifts they bring you. Let them rub you. Let them push and polish you into the most beatiful shiny Pearl of the Ocean.

Never make them real. Don’t get stuck in that everlasting pointless game. Underneath is something far more real. If you have it, then it’s yours forever. Stop the dance around something that has always been given to you. Never not yours. You don’t need to pull at it, beg for it, or fight for it.

Embrace it. Live it. Not doing so belittles your walk here.

Live. Love. Swim in the Waters of life. Above, under. But know you're in it.

And knowing who you are, have some fun with it. Why not?

Happy New Moon Sun Eclipse.