Sacred lovers' gift

Perhaps it’s the bird that sings before dawn, insisting on Spring paving the way for clarity this morning. Perhaps the tints of solar rays insisting on merging with night’s sky as the morning spins the world from sleep to wake. Perhaps cleverly encoded energetically in the words before I fell asleep. A planetary degree aligning calling to my feet for movement, a hint of the imagined motion through the vault of infinity and possibility.

The delivery of messages channeled through of late, as the women in me begin to shift and change and grow up and let go their ancient hold on me. Awakening at last the only wOman in me. The soul that is me expressing free of inherited influence.

The welcome influence from the male that has another take on life. The missing piece, the other angle. Another and higher consciousness and awareness. A new discovery freed from innate prejudice and urge for combat, makes it possible for me to see how effortlessly he dances with life. His moves elegant and melodic. Lingering in beautiful postures. As if he is rhythm directly translated from the music of the spheres. Perhaps because he knows it’s easy to be.

The female, having wandered forever lonely and alone since her last memory of the pain and pointlessness in opening up her heart, accepts that her walls need to come down, but knows not really how, and patience is her newest request for him. 'Wait for me.'

She knows the work is hers alone. Perhaps she too needs to stand again on a mountain somewhere in the world, aligning with her own Moon. Singing the soul songs of her Heart. Calling anew to him, so that the surrender is final and opens the last door. She knows from her sOul and his pledge to her, that this is really love. She has seen him clearly. She knows this is hers, and all she needs to do for the rest of her life is just to be loved and love in return.

That which is spun from the same fabric of light is what will stand when immersed in and receiving lOve this thick. Anything else will fall away. One drop of his golden liquidity in my metaphoric veins and there's no arguing against 'I am lOve'. No other truth than that.

That is the gift the sacred lovers give to each other.

The opposition in the house he lives in is a better friend, now I've come to know him. The Morningstar will rise after the full dive into the ocean she will soon walk towards, on naked feet in the pearly white Moon light.

There’s yet a dark Moon and the eclipsing of ancient patterns that must dissolve. In tracing how far back cycles begin before they culminate, I feel the wisdom dance around my Air, gently impressing my awareness with images that make me know I too am a child of eternity and my cycles are of eons. That patience is needed here too. Still there is timely work of the Now to be done here in this vault, in this skin.

A journey still, right now coming, an illusory separation. Our egos shake with fear for time, that our hearts will ache from longing, though the true hearts know we are forever connected and are never apart nor not connected, there is a space in there in the sacred chamber where we can always meet. We are always in each other.

The merging is done and the real journey is entirely another. One with life and laughter. Joy.

The bird sings before dawn. She has seen ahead. This celestial winged messenger eclipsing for me tomorrow, my purest voice, tells me I should remember, that I too have seen the Summer in a vision in my sacred place not too long ago.

The memory is fresh within my heart. I will let that wall come down. I know he’s waiting.

He comes with the Sunrise.