The balance

Just going back to the space inside. The ‘where’, the ‘there’, the ‘here’ that space you KNOW. There are no distances, no discussions, no defending, no arguing. It’s a return to lOve and source.

Girls and Boys, gOd is lOve. There is nothing that does not include, exclusion an impossibility. Division ridiculous. Why are we looking for something when everything is right here?

Life is that. Movement. About. Or is it? Is creativity not just a dance and the steps gOd’s game with us?

Nothing can intimidate you, simply because you are and always were free. You cannot be held. Nor loved though emotions.

You cannot be taught. You cannot be unlearned. Those are all illusions of the mind. The ties that bind are not emotional. There is no such things as relational expectation. In there lives guilt or judgment. I am you and you are me and we are all together. Owing no one nothing. Being here of free will.

Being translated from thought to life. Physical from fluidity. As above, so below. We cannot, in truth, be anything but that.

Acting and reacting. Or instead a dance with energies here. But the soul knows who it is. lOve through emotions is such a dead end. And against those walls are where we crash the hardest.

But at least the crash makes for a grand wake up call. That the exchange of emotions is NOT what a love bond is about.

We are light people. It’s time to rise above the projection. That game is too old. And it’s where we get stuck in the endless lanes of the tedious labyrinthic mysteries that have no real enigma. No real soul. Just quick fixes, fast drugging and sedating the soul that really, truly, deeply longs to take action towards true liberation and freedom. Temporary escapism for the bored hyper active mind that cannot rest assured in its BEING.

In the being, there is no room for reflection or thoughts. No looking back. No looking ahead. There is flow and joy. Yes or no. Balance and dance.

The Heartbeats count the hours wasted. The moments going away.

Get up. Get it together. Dance.

It’s the only way to be here.

In the space inside there is knowing. You can travel all over the world and never find what you already have inside and never need look for.