More jOurneys

He expects greatness from me.

He expects elegant moves and music. Kindness. And beauty. Sometimes impatient, sometimes raw and demanding, but only because he sees straight to the Heart in me, that knows and eagerly anticipates the same things he has seen. Like a sculptor carving his masterpiece from the cold rock. Music is frozen within those stones and we want the symphony to come alive.

He knew I would sing, beautifully, long before I ever dared open my mouth and put voice behind my inner notes.

There will be journeys we physically won’t do to together, but we are always connected within, the merging complete, the weaving done. Intertwined. The thread spun, strong and vital. Our wOrld captured there always with us in it. Where he goes, I go, where I go, he’s with me. The illusion of separation is dissolved and there are far greater things coming for us, now that we’ve put the mountain and the dragon behind us.

We trust each other to know the wisdom of our souls. Especially the One we share. That’s where this Light takes us. Supported, lifted, free.

He has the greatest faith in me.

This is lOve.

Here come the days of music. Inside, outside.