On the same jOurney (For evigt)

Mostly overall life is a dance.

Once you attach your being to that knowing that you are lOve incarnate, it is suddenly easy to laugh through the obstacles, and they then lose their obstacly feel and become just the dance.

The pulse. The rhythm of life, the tidal waves, the cyclical roundabout, yes, but ever and always ON. We are on a vortex journey after all. Nothing comes around the same way twice no matter what. When acknowledged, spotted, invited in, then an octave higher, or by a different angle. Another view. Anew.

How the stars will shine for us when we let them. The wonderful cosmic DNA, our fabulous building blocks. Stardust matter!

The dance becomes then a life where you can’t plan or make rules, only always allowing yourself to be going with the flow, keeping an open heart, surrendering to what is, spotting it’s what’s best and then adjusting your moves to it. Even and especially when it p****s your ego off. Where your ego is p****d off is actually where you need to laugh the hardest! Especially at yourself, often and when you can!

Like those fun moments when your hair catches on Fire and you just have to ponder life.. Never a dull moment on Planet Earth!

Truly (!) knowing yourself, you can also choose to put on another song or just dance away from something or someone, for a while, forever, or dance back and dance together.

There is lOve everywhere, inside and outside, and when you know your spot in this world is reserved especially for you, it all gets easier.

Only you are you, that’s your super power, so go do it. Just do it!

Adjust, be assertive when you must, speak your truth, and when it isn’t true anymore, speak another, act accordingly, be flexible, mOve about. The voice in your heart that speaks it's wisdom knows what's your path, even when walking is the only way to make it appear, you create it only by walking.

Discovering that you speak O fluently. That language applies to all conversation; the oral ones, the energetic ones, but especially the silent ones that are ever exchanging in waves, the ones between souls who know they are in lOve. Do YOU know it? That you are in lOve and never out of it?