It’s the coming out of the forest when you know you’ve been lost in there forever.

Praying, begging, pleading for a way out, for a small light, for a break, for daylight, for rest, for a break through... And then in the end, just surrendering, knowing you’re better off just staying until you’re done. Getting it done. Happily ignorant about the length of the process.

You change your prayers in the end, when your feet are dragging. Exhausted, but going on. The dark feeling inside constant. 'If there is more, then let me have it. I want to be done now. I can't carry this with me anylonger.'

It’s the 17 years you spent in constant change. In constant growth. Always moving. On. In. Back. Out. The shutting down turn ed out to be impossible. Dragged by the feet and pulled by the hair. Back. Finish. Do it right. Get it right.

The pact with the Heart. The Wisdom of the broken. 16/7. Constant cravings. Cosmic treasures and the light from time to time shining so beautifully through, sparkling so bright, lifting your spirit up, raising your energy levels again, infusing you with the power and the will to go on.

Then everything taken away, alone and lonely, the rest freely given, wanting to own nothing, wanting to be agile and flexible, free, not weighed down by stuff, whether physical and earthly nor energetically or emotionally.

My first became my last. The magic of gifts. Sometimes you never know who comes into your life and help you make everything right.

Out of the darkness, out of the cage, the cave, the dungeon, free. Breathing freely for the first time ever.

Inside the broken Heart was a shiny bright whole One. Never broken. Always beating. Shining.

Loved, truly and fully for the first time ever I am learning to love and what love can do. I am blessed. I am taken care of. Knowing life is beautiful, I want to make the most of it with the years I have left.

I have lOve. I am lOved. I lOve. This is where it all starts.

Being happy. Living.

My love said to me: 'Life and happiness has been given to you, it is rightfully yours. Why else do you think your Earthly walk was granted? It is a gift, not a challenge. Take what is yours.'

And I believe him to be right, his wisdom is strong.

He made me a better person. Steps were mine and all that, but our journey together brought the magic I needed to transform. For that I can't describe how happy I am. But I guess by how I live now, I can show him and give it back. To the world. To him.

In music, unison is two or more musical parts sounding the same pitch or at an octave interval, usually at the same time. Rhythmic patterns which are homorhythmic are also called unison. In music, homorhythm is a texture where there is a "sameness of rhythm in all parts. I think we are that.