HOme at last

I looked at my inner world and saw only the mirrored reversed expression. One drop of true, pure golden love injected.

What followed was the journey to healing. I was being turned inside out to know Myself, and through that I learned to know everyone else. I learned to know and be love. Understood all the we’s we can be. And found compassion through the journeys with the Dragon.

The Dragon journey took it all away. She was a Luck Dragon, in the end.

With compassion earned and learned, the battle stopped. Humbleness, gratitude and returning to a state of innocence.

A blessed peace came.

For the first time in my life.

The noise stopped.

The journey is over and I can live now. Be in this world. Be in love. It is a blessed place to be.

I look at the world from outside in.

I see so much going on. Too much. Contradictory pulls in every direction, knowing I can be it all and nothing at all.

I stay in lOve. This is where I’m staying. This is my home. Our home. Here, nothing can harm me. I am safe at last.