The quiet simple Fire

There is contradiction in the Nothingness. In there is everything.

What happens in that unnoticeable pause between the inbreath and the outbreath? Right there, when you let go and gOd doesn’t breathe you in? A silence of sorts. We can’t stay too long, cause we are after all in the middle of Creation, still.

There is purity here, though the day is surrounded with grey fog. The Air wet and vision limited. Right here in the ‘just before’, and the ‘not yet’. The now Aquariansun casting his light to our Waning Moon, still taking that back with Her that needs to go loose, needs to go back into cyclical dissipation. There is a beginning in the end. A dawn in the night. A contradiction. A paradox. A bird already singing a song of Spring, though there is still Winter and blizzards to come. No Snow Drops yet. Purification replaces fear of the Darkness that was suffocating and binding.

Like with any disease that needs to leave the body. Anybody. Everybody.

If we are to be in love, how can there be in us the barriers toward it? If we are to be in love, how can we still hold on to any egoic desire? Or any fear? If we hold on, how can we let go? And if we can’t let go, how can we receive? The masculine and feminine unbalance. Within and then mirrored in the without. In a woman and in a man. We are here to bring balance. You and me.

Once you been in love, there is no going back. Life simply starts, -YOU simply start, shedding everything that stands in the way of being in love.

For yourself, perhaps? Are you really that naive? Do you think that what YOU do is just for YOU? Everyone linked to you and your vibration will feel and benefit from your activity. You may have volunteered to do the work for those who do not know how to. That too is love. That is co-creating. Co-weaving.

Don’t be alarmed. Someone else is doing the same for you. Look around and you will find them. And you will be grateful and understand love.

This one needs more attention, for we fear this one so much, though it is so healing.

The encounter with the Black-ness. The frenzy that holds the one wisdom you cannot own without submitting yourself to its divine madness. The wild gnosis. You can’t see it until you’re there. Within it. Acting it out.

There is a great secret in there. The absolute only one that holds the opportunity to set you free. But her gift is a feared one. Her poison soothing. Her fire all consuming, ablaze and wild until only the true Fire is left. Only then, you will know Her. And you will find her the most loving healer ever. Until you’ve met her you are not free. Until you’ve been burned by her, you don’t know your Fire. When you exhaust your desire, exhaust your fear you are so empty. Love never makes you empty. After this draining cleansing of darkness all that remains is love. She has opened your heart, finally, and you see her as the Great Mother of all things. You know her Name.

Let it happen whenever you can. WHEN you can.