Full mOon release

It’s the nightmare that seems like an eternal punishment, a haunting that will never set you free.

But as the day unfolds and shift occurs, bathed in the full illumination of the goddesses of the sky, the beauty and the mother merged into that one that points to the old wound still inside, still raw, still bleeding underneath the clever cover up and distance over time.

From the stuff you claim to rid yourself of, through rebirthing in freezing cold Water, climbing through portals, dancing in the forest, planting seeds of intentions, chanting, crying, laughing, loving, healing, you see the diamond in the pain. You claim and collect it from the ashes when the Fire of things you scribble down on paper and burn again and again burns away and the flames are cold.

Setting that suffocating House on Fire on this Full Moon nightmarish night, awake again, sleepwalking through this consciousness awakening in me. The dead dance on the ground beneath my window as I set alight the holy prayers, this once a year opportunity to shed… that!

The Ring of Fire that states it’s enough, creating a protecting circle for us, burning away the spiraling bad habits of negativity, we’ve taken enough of this collective madness.

It’s time for healing. Time for peace. Time to share that eternal lOve that is real between the lOvers of this world. Time to allow the light.

The Air is thick from smoke and flames, but the pain in my chest dissolves as I call its rightful name, and ask Her to take it away, take it with her to the realms of Death, bury it and come back bright and shiny and new, emptyhanded.

Magical Full Moon. Dissipating my atoms and ions, reminding me I am basic chemistry with a sOul, making me dizzy and losing my hearing, my sight, only to put me back together, whOlly and hOly.

Releasing is such a holy act, mad in its culmination, but the peace that follows is serene. A complete void of welcome emptiness.

Sleep wants me now.