Dance is the hidden language of the Soul

The uplifting act of remembering how to play:

The hard fight for creating a conscious life free from preconceived ideas, breaking away from the demands of a collective that unfortunately mostly honors mainstream and not just creativity for a life that contains within it and lets me have all the expressions of my Soul’s many yearnings.

To embody the tools and constellations so there is but a moments of peace from all those inner dialogues. All the expressions all demanding me at once. All playing out before me. To take them onboard or have them happen to me. Active or passive? High or low? Or that unspoken space in between where balance has a touch of gOd in flow through it all. Control or consciousness? Angel or Devil?

The somewhat at times tiresome eternal work. The Soul work.

The body that carries and feels so many emotions and states of awareness on this Earth must have release or it stores up and repents. Implosion or explosion. Self responsibility. The realization that NOTHING you do can affect any one else unless they let you. Unless they carry that wound themselves. Always realize that the other person is you. We can be a trigger. We can be the mirror. We are fundamentally innocent. There are no victims. I am not one. You are not one. And the act of forgiveness sets free and lets us return to love. To a curious, childish state, where everything is play. Everything is pure.

In the dance my body releases every discussion I am lost in. Every thought form I am entertaining, realizing the why is ridiculous, and just focus on moving. Dancing. Breathing. And it all disappears. There is nothing but motion and music. My body moving. Everything disappears. I am nothing. I am rhythm. I am the Dance. And in there I am everything.

I feel passion that has no desire towards anything or anyone. I just feel alive. Joy. I am in my passion in motion. The desire-less state. The want-less state. The ultimate freedom.

Oh how everything can be a dance if we let it, and let go..

This is the JOY I am feeling regardless of exterior events. The ‘I’, I am embodying this jOurneytime remembers she is fundamentally a happy girl.