There is quiet in the white crystals dancing outside my window. I am inside. Warm and safe. Are you? Where are you now? Are you safe? Are you warm? Don’t you know this sweeping off any other weather conditions is a welcome new start.

Before the Snowdrops must come Snow. It’s their call. As is the designing of things.

Thank you for listening and allowing space for the repressed to be expressed and therefore finishing its constant beat between us. This wielding of a dark thread that honors us not. Unspoken of, ignored or feared it grows stronger, darker and holds us. It becomes a rope and it binds the constant spiral of energy that just bounces back and forth between us but never dissolves, just lives on and on, finding no peace or way out. Thank you for letting me speak golden words. Thank you for allowing space to let this shift. All that was stuck inside. Fear of being. Who I am. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for letting my tears flow and letting me grieve. Thank you for holding my head up when I let it fall. Thank you for kissing it better. Thank you for being strong.

The snow is taking the rest away. In the silence I hope you hear your own Heart beat. It is calling out to me. I can hear everything you say, feel everything you do, even when we’re miles apart. Cause I am me, the Universe and you.

The pull. I cannot be without you. A matter of fact. The open heart, the surrendered one. The pledges you were let in on. Surely, you should know by now that unity and together-work is uplifting, and separation is the demand of the ego that will not yield to this unity. This separation unnecessary. Old. Not allowing a free flow from the Heart that knows better. Knows its timing and its beats. Knows what it wants. The Wisdom of the Heart is allowing. Losing one’s mind is the only way through this.

The world is white. The sky is dark now. But I have tasted the Summer that is coming, she has kissed me, and I know her sweetness. That’s being wOman, that’s knowing, that’s all I have.

If you are outside in the wild, I hope you push through it. I hope you listen to the crystals as they tell you their stories. I hope they imprint you with clarity and sound. I hope you dance. I hope you remember JOY. I hope you remember who you are.

I hope you lOve.