Wisdom from the Elders

There are days that feel like 5 years are passing through you. The amount of insight and flashes of wisdom to be processed and applied within seconds.

The delivery of synchronistic events. Are you listening? Are you aware? Can you take upon you your work today? Letting go and letting flow take over. Are you at the right place at the right time? Are you listening?

The dream about racing a Man to get to the top of the Tree first. It was then I decided to just hug the Tree instead and stop racing him. I surrendered into the embrace and stopped climbing. The man climbed hastily past me. We met halfway as he was on his way down, and I opened my eyes to see that through our embrace I had become the Tree, he was climbing. Our eyes locked. The righteous balance between the Masculine and the Feminine awakening. Balance!

Something within wants to come out. All the lOve in the cosmos wanting me to. Be visible. Be strong now. But gentle and kind. Forgiving and wise. Be the One. There is always One.

Connecting the dots I see we are all here. We are all in this together. There can be no more lies, no more guilt, no more unbalance. There has to be flow. Truth. lOve. Equality. And until the unconsciouss become conscious I will forgive. I will. That forgiveness sets me free, to be as I want to live. Free.

It has to be. Free.

There has to be a desire to be One. ‘…That sweet aroma of another’s scent is appetising, but there is something deeper that calls her -union with another WHOLE individual, or at least with someone whose conscious desire to become whole is sincere and honest.’ –A.S.

The message ringing from everywhere as a choir of collective consciousness beaming through as the days are getting slowly longer and brighter, the return of that light where NO ONE can hide any longer as the Souls are yearning and longing to become, what they are meant to be, to do:

The return to Truth, to Love. The sole journey. No more lazy labour. No more accepting the low. No more unintentional, accidental, halfway, half truths are really well dressed lies. And they bind.

The truth is liberating and have within them the Force of creation. But one has to arrive there to understand. To open one’s eyes and dare to look. If you do not do willingly when understood, the Universe will conspire against you, out of love. Wanting you to succeeed. To make YOU happen. Forgiving you again and again.

But gently pulling you there. Dissolving the layers of unbalance and what they hold. And I see and understand that balance between is needed before the next step can be implemented. It is a 2 way journey.

I am taking mine! Becoming the Tree.


These are the days of forgiveness and discernment. We are lOve infinite.

And so it is.