It is the magic occurring in between the shifts.

The magnetic attraction. Then the jOurney towards union. It mirrors a completion. The merging. The complete surrender. The attempt to surrender to surrendering. Offering an honest, unguarded invitation to the inner Chambers. The Heart room. The Bridal chamber.

The moments before the realization that it is all that has to be done. There is a cycle of realization. Of inner Soul work. Constantly. The nailing of projections. The mirrored constellation. Do they own it? Take responsibility? What is behind their blind spots? What will they see this time when the light is so sharp they cannot hide their Shadow?

Will they react and perhaps attack when faced with something so ugly it simply cannot be something within them? But it is. Will they react so humanly low and blame the one triggering it?

The pull getting stronger and stronger. A billion sensations triggering emotions, memories, baggage, desires, joy, grief, hope, inspiration, intuition, clairvoyance, knowing and love.. The urge to unite, to merge sets the whole thing in motion. Gravity pulls. And the orbiting holds the most beautiful dance. The golden threads intertwine with all the other potentialities between them activated.

In that moment and all at once it looks like a galaxy moving evolutionary through space, big bangs, supernovas, black holes and revelations, it looks like a Universe of its own. Constantly in the creating, ever on the vortex. JOurney. It is the most beautiful true lOve. It holds beauty in its core. A state of immense happiness. It stops and denies all wants. But fulfills them at the same time. There is peace and quiet there. In their core.

In its Heart two competitors, still fighting, sometimes loving and friendly, sometimes raw and to their death, to find their balance. That is an expression of this relationship in motion. On a larger scale of every day, do they not know? Their energetics are but that. That is the purpose of these two Souls when they come together. To fight off their layers that hinder the constancy of this bliss. And until they are done, they are not done. It is not a curse, it is a blessing. Raw, yes. Hard work, yes. But they have agreed to this. For the sole sake of that bliss in union. Because it is true lOve.

The call from the Soul-pull towards each other. When the merging is complete they cannot linger for long in the blissful light. It cannot just be as yet, it has to then be something else, it is mirrored everywhere in the natural cyclical patterns; quiet, birth, life, decay, death. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, the Equinoxes in between, the Solstices to both shed and plant.

They become restless. Impatient. They understand intuitively, there is more. More thunder. More layers to shed. The Shadow work incomplete. The light makes them aware. The knowing triggers the original wound. Before time. The separation. There is always that. The mirror of Separation in the Feminine and the Masculine counterparts, in themselves, within and without, mirrors the work yet to be done. Is the illusion of separation an illusion? Or is there somewhere in the collective memory a pain, that cannot be healed until the merging is complete and selfless? Want less. Free from physical desire, but a desire nonetheless that has transcended and therefore is of a desire to solely merge. The purpose of merging with another soul. The counterpart. The One with the key to bliss.The union. Beautiful and serene. Once there, the noise stops. Everything is quiet. Bliss is. Love is.

The explosions it triggers in the jOurney toward the ultimate union. The raw nuclear like energy. It is violent. If only they'd stop blaming each other and just accept it as a natural part of what comes after such merging when there is still work to be done.

Accept the time apart. As necessary for individual work on their respective psyches. To heal the wounds and not project them again. Gather knowledge. Reflect. Shed another layer. Aha moments. Insights. Strength. More lOve. A wider Heart. More ego release. Letting go of karmic waste. Then lighter at feet, lighter at heart, another memory erased, they feel the pull again.


This is just a question that echoes and touches upon my awareness in the physical every time we say goodbye. Whether to go to our respective and necessary being on our own for unknown time until we meet again, or in the one day, knowing when I will see him again. The pull in my Soul. The pull in my Heart I can’t explain with any human words, though I try.

Balance is needed between the expression of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Perhaps this is but a collective expression on a larger scale? But I can’t help but wonder.. What have we done since the original union? What happened in the separation? What have we done since with our feminine and masculine strengths and forces? Between each other and in ourselves...?

In the in between pulls and merging journeys I just wonder.. And try to lOve better..