A dream of Snowdrops

Prematurely, perhaps. I have a way of feeling the Air of things long before their arrival. It mirrors a feature trait of my many Soul expressions, that traveling is better than arriving.

I catch myself looking for Snowdrops in the dark soil, where the sidewalks aren’t covering the precious soil I so long to feel underneath my bare feet. The Earth Mother and all the adventures she offers when she is flourishing with green lush all kind of things.

Perhaps I hear her talking in her sleep, quietly breathing from inside the depths of her drowsy barrenness, picking up a forthcoming scent, like that yummy smell of fresh bread baking in the oven.

I am looking already, prematurely, for Snowdrops. The One Winter flower. Symbol of innocence. Hope and rebirth. Spring coming. In her, purity. Perhaps.

Perhaps I understand the dream I had not so long ago. The One Snowdrop red as blood. Just that One. And the ones I picked and brought inside, that melted into yellow little pearls on the table, and I was ashamed instantly for having removed them from their natural state, and their Spirits were raw and angry with me. Like haunting zombies. ‘Why did you do this to us?’

In the physical there was an instant rush through the body. The womb remembered. It knew instantly and reciprocated. From the depths in there, sending an instant signal to that place in the brain that melts down. The energy objects. The cry from deep within. Kali is released once again along with a thousand dark dragons. The thwarted femininity. Instantly she seeks to kill off whatever triggered the action for having this hoarse drugged sensation triggering her peaceful flow in the Woman she embodies. This is what Kali does. Tears it all down. Kills off what cannot live. And then lets that go back to life which must live. Do it right. Do it better. Create again. Just one drop of golden love. Builds entire worlds. Why everyone fears her so… She is only doing what it is her nature to do. Surely getting rid of Darkness must be better than carrying it around.

The ability to forgive holds the key to seeing everyone in pure innocence.

I see now why I I am looking for Her. The unsuppressed Sacred Feminine in her true expression. Nothing held down.

I understand. The Snowdrops removed from their natural state.