Aligning with the Sun

How fortunate it all is! In excitement, learning how absolutely, delicately, brilliantly and genius it all is, I applaud gOd. I do! The incidents! Interstellarly slamming into! Expressing in actual events? Beautiful!

I must be the happiest woman in the world. Perhaps because I am beginning to accept. Surrender. To the moments. And what they hold. Accepting my many different reactions to Sunlight. To Raindrops. To shadow phases. To holding space and inbreaths. Holding my lover's hand. Knowing I am doing everything I love. Even the things I never thought I could love. But I am growing into them without the illusion of gain or loss.

I can walk on her shore and know how to put my hand in her live body and know her movement, know her song, know it is healing, from me to Her, from Her to me. Interconnection. It’s everywhere.

It’s in the AH! of catching creation in action. In the weaving. Right there. In front of you. Like a shooting star racing across the sky. Knowing when to look.

Being translated from nothing into everything, and from everyhting back to nothing. Having woven golden moments from the substance of the spheres -a vibe, a thought, a song, or perhaps just a hum, into existence.

Knowing I am doing what I love, and that love is what I am being done.

The dance I get to do with him. Surrendering into his open embrace, accepting the hand he offers, knowing it is safe that he will lead me. It’s safe to. The final frontiers and the speed in slow motion. This is where time slows down. I am not giving up anything. I am accepting the dance. Even though it takes me into unknown movements in this constant flow of synergy. He moves right, I go left. Orbiting each other. From total chaos to big bangs and expansion. The forming. And now.. the dance is getting elegant.

I am love in motion. I am being sung and breathed. How wonderful life is. So vibrant. So purposefully beautiful, designed to make us.

I get to do what I love. Sharpened. Strengthened. Trusted. Alive. Here at the final degrees. The final is always a beginning. I don't mind the dark anymore. The end of it holds a sunrise.