Sun-day and Moon-night

Anticipating blessings and bathing in the first rays of Sunlight as he rises this early Sunday morning, we rush in to sit in the window. The room fills with yellow liquid and we swim in it, let it sink in, gold stained skin afterwards, singing the same song as always. Here comes the Sun King, and the silent inner one, wordless, the one that’s an ongoing symphony. The epic score that is ours, the one we share.

Craving air, nature and adventure, though reluctantly leaving the embrace and the cocoon, we reach the frozen fields and the close to naked November trees in the late afternoon. The Sun fuels the remains of the day with tints of red and flames upon the dying leaves, and by the time we reach the Ocean, he has painted the sky pink and made the clouds come alive. The reflection from airplanes crossing make the sky look like its bleeding sharp light from a parallel universe behind the 3d illusive borders of this world.

This magical Man by my side has a gift for spotting mythical creatures in the Sunset skies. And so he does again today.

We look to the other shore across this Sea to find the Great Light House casting its light at us. A recognition for the work we've done since, and a sweet memory taking us for a tender moment back to our Summer adventure, sitting on the Rocks over there, catching a different Sunset lighting up the evening clouds and in them spotting another mythical creature, in a series of hard-to-dismiss-signs. A great sign of what was to come. The Full Moon that rose then. Down to Earth-ones are pretty cool for Airheads.

She rises again. Unaware of her magnetic pull, we are drawn closer to the Water, our noses rubbed in her hints and clues. 'Time to Trust'. The writing on the wall, and all that. Neon signs. These are new times coming. We are here. Sun kissed and Moon struck.

On the way back towards the city, we make a stop on the darkest field to glance at the stars and breathe in the glow of the Moonlight, putting the day to bed. She guides us home. I feel safe. Home come. Cocooned. Embraced.

Such is a beautiful day in the Life accompanied by Sun and Moon, star crossed, the light in the world, noticing the magic of the spheres and the seasonal change. Wild at Heart, not to mention definitely weird on top, awake and aware of the orbit around each other, on this mad vortex race through the Cosmos.

Sunup to sundown. Magical. Touched by lOve, everything comes to life and to such joy.

How blessed we are.