It's after the quiet that proves really potent.

It's how you carefully consider and choose your first words. Those are the ones that give you away. Show where the silence took you.

What depths? Which kind of forest? What the trees moaned. Or the wind whispered.

What was removed from you? Did you give it willingly, knowing it wasn't yours any longer, or was it taken from you and are you somehow relieved now it's gone? Or sad, still clinging to the old cause it's safe, but caging you in?

Did you face the shadow secrets in the silence or at least how to be in there?

Do you trust your body's intelligence more than visual and tangible facts? Which reality do you accept to be real or do you dismiss the multiverses?

Are you full of love? Are you sure or just hopeful?

Because you are Love (d).

The patient approach to the wisdom you own now will guide you through to the portal coming, through the darkness getting darker now until that moment in space where it turns again.

It's in the quiet of this now, that is actually showing the seed of potentiality, that you hold within the gap of momentary opportunity, to create in the void. Will you cast it? And birth it?

Solstice. Light. The Spring of next year.

It's the quiet now. But if the quiet had a volume button and was turned all the way up.. Ah, what symphonies would play upon our inner ears?