It’s the same color pink and purple that emerges on the horizon to the east as the showering of energies that went down to the west last night, creating a perfect set for the New Moon. The world is made round for a reason. The Universal vortex of Evermore.

No sharp edges except for those illusory imagined barriers to a Universe that is otherwise infinite. Endless possibilities, is what I’m trying to say.

From Sun-down to Sun-up we go these days. What’s in a Day, and especially THIS day is absolutely pinked and thus celebrated and blessed. Spend it carefully; there is One special night coming. From the Sun-down tonight to Sun-down tomorrow… The gap is wide open. Close your eyes, that you may, perhaps, see with your heart of hearts that which is invisible to the eye. I hope you dance with what’s there coming at you. In all shapes and forms.

Soon the light will disappear entirely from this side of the World, but the lighting of candles is precious, and the burning flame reminds us of those times gone before and the times to come. In the center of the blue, do you see it?

The Phoenixes that rise through this time are powerful and charged, the coming together round the Fire, so Fire walk with me, the darkness allowing the seed to be fertile, the year to come, death and life, a new beginning. Let Joy arise again.

Same color into the night as into the day. Celebrate well. But, please do celebrate!