The Time of Angels coming

The dust settles. The images become clearer.

This wisdom is pure, quiet and simple as truth always is.

Normally always the one arriving, but for this time through, waiting for things to arrive. Wait for certain actions. Certain moments. Desired constellations. It all breathes together, and sometimes the existing of being is just that. No fixing, no processing, just breathing in and out. But you know.

So you wait. At peace. In faith. Letting action take place in parallel universes, but the alternate does not change the outcome here. At all. It’s just a time out. A welcome break. To be. You. Again. Whole. Being. You. With no projections, no distractions. Pure you. Pure love.


Noticing instead the sunrises and the many colors He creates, that mighty Sun, on the calm and quiet Ocean in the early mornings. The New Moons, come and gone, She brought with them other desired constellations and cyclical clearings and prayer work. We were dancing underneath that Full Moon, perhaps too potent for our awareness, and certain spells turned out to prove quite powerful.

It’s the ethereal, yet tangible dream stuff substance that plays upon your first thoughts in the morning that linger with you, create your day, then your environment as it rubs off on people you meet, it shapes and molds your life into the as within so without. That’s your creativity in unfoldment.

You go to bed at night reflecting on the creations you carved and breathed life into during the day. The fun of seeing where it takes you. Somewhere good. These are the days. This is the time.


Noticing the sunsets on a golden horizon, leaves filling the Air, but the stars are clearer this time of year, the breath creates small fogs in the twilight; the year grows old, but Nature knows there’s a constant Spring in breathing in and out and She never lets us forget.

The liquid gold and the solid thread that starts spinning and creating anew in the Web. New words, more love, true exchanging, new adventures, infinite possibilities.

The blue sparks flicker around us as always, it was only a season that lived and died, as some things changed and shifted, it cleared away the roadblocks, naturally, like I always knew they would, and paved the new way. The feet find the ground when they walk, cause they trust there is ground underneath. Life is THAT simple. Love is that flowing when the raw material is unchangeable and a constant of choice.

An easier way now the cycle of cleansing and facing demons are over.

The hands still match. There is an extra beat in my heart.

Now the time of the Angels and the messengers come. Larger than life events.

And there is new Life here.