Out of the Cave

For the first time in a long time, the morning is clear, though dark.

It’s the Winter coming, inevitably, but the past days changes make the energy welcome now, not dreading, like looking forward to lighting candles, carving that pumpkin, rolling on the forest floor among the leaves, gathering new strength, getting ready for the making of new pledges in the void. There may even be snow. Oh JOY!

Believing the magic works, the spells we made, the things we cleared in the Fire, dancing in a forest under the Full Moon. Once the stars get moving, some things can’t stay the same forever, but must clear and make way for the greater things that do. Hard work. Determined. Steady. Dismissing, discernment, assertiveness, cleansing, finding 100000 ways that do not work, so that you can find THE One, that does.

Dying a 100000 times along the way, just to rise again in the morning.

Becoming a better friend of Phoenix now than Sisyphus.

This morning the stars were clear, the Moon waning, curiously exactly the same as my birth Moon, it was not grey and dull and dense like it’s been forever, and though these are the last days, they are also the very first and I simply am so excited about this coming time. I feel it in my bones, in my beating heart, the ease that follows after a long time of being in slow motion, uphill, the millions of un-throw-away-able-rocks that kept returning to my backpack, though I kept throwing them away again again again.. A whole new Sisyphusism.. !

Like a warning or reminder to myself of things coming, the words would come through me into beautiful essays of power, serving as guidance from above, but I never understood the words till now. Which concludes that you can’t know until you’re there, walking the path, but walking is essential. So go. Understanding comes through action. Do or do not, there is no try. Yodaism.

It’s a beautiful brand new morning as I celebrate the final hours. The final. A new day has come. And I’m alive. And WE are still here.