Fire, walk with me

The pull. (Wake up! Get up!) ‘You need to get up and walk yourself out of it. Shift the energy.’ The fire in my bones. Suddenly. How could I forgot all this, I know? I was built for this. The walking off energy that pulls me down if I don’t.

The passion and power. The purpose of words. The manifestation of things. (You have forgotten how to be you!) The activity that causes waves. Not watery ones. But energetic ones. The whole world shifts, when you do. I’ve known this forever. (Get up!)

The recitation with each step. Take this, Mother Earth, from me, thank you for carrying me and my load, thank you for letting it sieve from me into you, you know how to dissolve it, to cleanse it, the load and burden of a thousand cries. I walk with it because I can. I shift it, because I can. I can. I know who I am.’ I walk faster know.

I find the Ocean. The Earth one. With watery Waves. I collect the biggest rocks I can. Not Sisyphus’. Mine. I know what they can do. The second they hit the surface I am freer. They too can carry and cleanse what humans can’t. Two Seagulls shriek oddly above me. I too know what they mean. I speak their tongue. I speak the Winds and the Waves' crush too. Not a sign that goes unnoticed. I know who I am.

The pull that leads me through my Sacred grove. There is energy here still though the Equinox has marked the line between Summer songs and Falling leaves. The green that once offered their fresh leaves to eat , initiated us for the trials ahead, that New Moon night that is fresh in my memory though it seems like forever ago, those leaves are now turning to gold. Pure gold. Reminding us before they wither altogether and drop to enter the cycle again to fertilize the new Spring, the one that always comes. I bless them and ask them to carry on a message for the Winter. They agree.

The Sacred Well fresh Water still runs. I drink and ask to activate the Sacred Feminine in me. I had forgotten the power I carry, I have been lazy and exchanged despair and depression for my actual virtue. My duty. My task. My responsibility. ‘Where Salt and Fresh Water meet, there is a holy space.’ Alchemy. I send a grateful kiss to The Moon Priestess in the Pyrenees.

The path leads me to meetings of those with whom I climbed a Mountain. Of course they are here to remind me. Of course. How the Universe conspire to make me succeed. I want to kiss the Stars for being so loved, so cared for. Constantly. Never letting me go.

I seek my Teacher, without knowing it, and he is standing there white and tall. I missed his guidance. I see how lost I have been. The contradiction in the company I have kept. The conviction that I could ever be sustained by that blah blah blah of endlessly unimportant chatter. Like the one that has been taken over my mind, and I am instantly aware of my mirrored action. This is NOT the life I can do. He climbs another Mountain and enters that Cave. One I know much too well. He does what he always does. He sings and awakens my drowsing and seduced Soul. Later he tells me, as he has before, that the Shadow will prevail if I do not step out into the Light and do my thing. ‘Do you remember that we walked in Silence and spoke only if we had something to say?’ I remember instantly the White Goat.

I remember. I remember. And the Fire in me burns again. I have purpose. I have passion. The fire burns.

Inside the Fire of my Soul I hear the voice.

Telepathic abilities. Do you honestly think we need physical voices to communicate? A voice whispers ‘I love you even without the words. It is written. You will never be alone again.’

I open my eyes and know I am still on my path, and there is work to be done. It’s time to leave the Cave. It’s done.

(Never forget it again!)